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I just got my new benchtop... what now?

You’ve just built your dream home, with your perfect kitchen and stone bench top that took you seven months to pick. Well what now? Your bench top needs proper care. So here are Macarthur Marble and Granite's top tips after having your bench top installed.

Image by Knezz Media

1) The tedious stuff - Warranty

It’s one of the boring things in life that comes with being an adult. Yes, it is warranty. Just like anything you purchase that is of value, you need it to be protected. This isn’t as as hard as it may sound. Simply go online to your stone supplier (or ring us if you are not sure) and register for warranty. We recommend doing this right away, but definitely within 1 week of our install. Another key tip is ensuring you understand your warranty and what you are covered for. Just like any warranty you may purchase, understanding what’s involved is essential.

2) Your bench does not like the heat

Your bench top may be stone but it definitely doesn’t like the heat. Avoid placing any hot dishes, pans or pots on the bench. Simply placing a heat mat/trivet underneath anything hot can help to keep your stone staying as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Image by Knezz Media

Hot tip: We are all guilty of hitting our beautiful bench tops with a dinner plate as we empty the dishwasher, make sure to be extra cautious in this situation to avoid chipping your bench top.

3) Caring for your baby

As much as your stone bench top seems indestructible, it’s not. It needs loving and care just like that house plant you have tried to keep alive for the past month. Wiping spills immediately after they happen, and using a chopping board when you are chopping up veggies are simple steps to take to care of your bench top. As much as it seems tempting not to (we get it, no one likes extra cleaning up), scratches and marks can potentially damage your stone and can void your warranty (refer to step 1).

Hot tip: Did you know we sell stone chopping boards. Give us a call if you are after something more stylish!

If you have any questions on any of these tips or you’re still unsure how to best take care of your bench top, feel free to give us a call on (02) 9618 3900. We would be more then happy to chat!

Until next time,

MMG Team.


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