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What upgrades are for me?

Some people don't realise how many different options are available to them when selecting the stone for their new bench top. Hopefully after reading this, you will know all about what upgrades are available and what will suit your new bench tops best! 1) Upgrading to a thicker edge The most common thickness for benchtops are 20mm or 40mm. Although, in recent years, even thicker benchtops have become increasingly popular. This is achieved with mitred edges to create a thicker look (the stone is not this thick all the way through)! We have recently completed tops as big as 250mm thick.

2) Undermount cut out Undermount cut outs are very popular, and its no surprise why! Providing a sleek look to your kitchen, they are sure to turn heads!

Hot tip: Ensure when purchasing your sink, that it is an undermount sink or universal sink. Not all sinks can be undermounted!

3) Flat drainer & drainage grooves If you decide to upgrade to an undermount sink cutout, then you may also be interested in a flat drainer or drainage grooves. They add a modern touch to your kitchen that we think you’ll love!

Pictured below from left to right:

Single undermount sink, double undermount sink with drainage grooves & double undermount sink with a flat drainer.

Hot tip: Ask us about what is covered under warranty when deciding what upgrades to go with. We are here to help!

3) Waterfall legs

If you are trying to achieve that "WOW!" factor with your benchtops, then it is hard to go past waterfall legs. With stone flowing all the way down to the floor, it certainly makes a statement. Waterfall legs can be completed with a mitred edge, butt join edge, or shadowline edge.

Pictured below from left to right:

40mm mitred waterfall leg & 20mm shadowline waterfall leg

This is only some of the many upgrades we offer. Feel free to email us for more information! Until next time, MMG Team.


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